AANS 2019: Paving a Bright Future

Apr. 9, 2019

Long road

The event of the year is upon us: The 2019 American Association of Neurological Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting. From April 13–17, neurosurgeons, residents and medical students will arrive in San Diego to learn from and collaborate with colleagues. Amid the excitement, some of our neurosurgeons will be helping the next generation of neurosurgeons pave a bright future by teaching them practical tools for success.

In particular, Dr. Peter Angevine will be instructing residents, among other attendees, in what they need to know about coding. When a neurosurgeon provides a service, he records it with a matching code so the service can be billed correctly, a task known as coding.

Each year, the list of codes is updated and revised, which can be a source of confusion. During the clinic, attendees will learn about the latest changes and coding rules from faculty members involved in the development and revision of the codes. With a fuller understanding of coding, young neurosurgeons will be able to focus their time on what matters most: caring for patients.

Also, Dr. Donald Quest’s commitment to future generations is always present at the meeting through the Donald O. Quest Basic and Clinic Science Award. Each year, the award is given during the Young Neurosurgeons Research Forum to medical students and neurosurgical residents or fellows who present the best research.

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