Telehealth Appointments

May. 6, 2020

Columbia Spine offers appointments via video or phone call for current and new patients. Video visits and phone calls allow patients to connect in real time with one of our neurosurgeons without leaving their home. Patients can use a smartphone or tablet. All virtual connections are secure and HIPAA compliant. Please keep in mind that just as with in-person visits, video and phone consultations may require imaging prior to scheduling an appointment. Please call your doctor’s office for additional instructions … Continue reading Telehealth Appointments

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Get Excited: Spine Surgeons Are Named ‘Top Doctors’ for 2019

Jul. 3, 2019

People often think that the same thing happening over and over again is boring and predictable. But for us, repetition can be exciting when it reaffirms our spine surgeons’ long-standing tradition of excellence. We’re thrilled when our spine surgeons speak at the same national conferences, about the same spine-related topics. Or when they repeat the same mentorship activities with residents each year, like Dr. Neil Feldstein’s annual tribute collage. And we could not be more proud than when they repeatedly … Continue reading Get Excited: Spine Surgeons Are Named ‘Top Doctors’ for 2019

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We Heart our Physical Therapists: Making of a Spine Physical Therapist: Dr. Evan Johnson

Feb. 14, 2019

Sure, Dr. Evan Johnson’s background in professional dance is useful for his work as a physical therapist, in all the ways you’d assume. But it’s also useful in a more surprising way. Dr. Johnson has developed a unique career out of his ability to balance many opposites: Academic and physical. Teaching and learning. Theoretical and practical. He uses uncommon strength, suppleness and poise to make that balance look effortless—hallmarks, of course, of a great dancer.

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Summer 2018 Highlights From The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York

Sep. 21, 2018

We were busy bees this summer. Between raising awareness about scoliosis on Facebook Live and helping patient Jack return to the hockey rink, there wasn’t a dull moment for our neurosurgeons at The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York. We hope you enjoy our highlights from the season:

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