Columbia Neurosurgery Says Goodbye to the 2012 Chiefs

Jul. 26, 2012

Another year has passed already and our two chief residents, Raqeeb Haque, MD and Paul Gigante, MD, have left the nest.

What they have accomplished is no small feat; it takes seven grueling years (that’s after medical school) to get to this point.

According to our Residency Program Director, Dr. Jeffrey N. Bruce, “The training of neurosurgery residents is one of our highest priorities and we take pride in each resident’s long term success.”

Full fledged neurosurgeons now, Drs. Haque and Gigante are both headed off to grand Fellowships.

2012 Residents’ Dinner

Dr.Haque, who came to us from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will be moving on to a Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Spine/Deformity with Dr. Richard Fessler at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Dr.Gigante, who came to us from Harvard Medical School, will be moving on to a Fellowship in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery at Stanford University.

At the Chiefs’ send off dinner last month, Dr. Neil Feldstein from the Brain Tumor Center and Pediatric Neurosurgery Center presented them with his annual resident picture (see below*).

Dr. Paul Gigante

“It’s a take off on the new Men in Black movie. Instead if MIB it’s NIB,” says Dr. Feldstein. ” Its got our two chiefs with five of the senior residents all turned into some form of alien. I think it came off very well. The idea of aliens as co-residents was just too good to pass up.”

All of our other residents are all moving up, including former Senior Residents Elizabeth Fontana, MD, Simon Hanft, MD and Marc Otten, MD, who will be our new Chiefs.

We are also welcoming two new residents into our program, Brett Youngerman and Randy D’Amico, who are beginning their Surgery Intern Year.

*Learn more about Dr. Feldstein‘s annual picture in our old blog: Dr. Feldstein’s Annual Picture Is Our ‘Macy’s Day Parade’. You can also see the picture he presented to the departing chiefs last year in this blog: Feldstein’s 2011 Resident Poster Revealed.

NIB: Dr. Feldstein’s 2012 Resident Picture
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