Spine Center PT Evan Johnson Quoted in the Huffington Post

Jul. 25, 2013

Dr.Evan Johnson

The CUMC Spine Center* physical therapists Dr. Evan Johnson and Dr. Rami Said are often sought out as experts in their field. They have a steady stream of patients knocking on their door, and increasingly have become the go-to-guys for news organizations and within the community at large.

Earlier this year, a journalist with Oprah Magazine asked Dr. Johnson how people can improve their posture. That conversation became part of an article just published by the Huffington Post.

The article, Improve Your Posture With 3 Simple Steps: A good stance isn’t only a matter of good manners, was posted on the HuffPost news site on June 21, 2013.

Read Dr. Johnson’s quote in the article excerpt below:

Get in motion. Great posture is about more than standing and sitting correctly. “Our bodies evolved to move,” says Evan Johnson, director of physical therapy at the Spine Center at New York–Presbyterian Hospital. “That’s why changing positions throughout the day is incredibly important for spine health.” To help maintain an erect stance, get up and walk around for a few seconds at least once an hour, and strengthen your core muscles with exercises like planks and squats.

Dr.Evan Johnson
Dr. Evan Johnson, Physical Therapist at the CUMC Spine Center

You can read the full article on the Huffington Post site here.

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*The official name of the CUMC Spine Center is: New York Presbyterian Hospital Spine Center at Columbia University Medical Center.

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