Meet Our New Team Member: Dr. Rami Said, Physical Therapist at the Spine Center

Apr. 11, 2012

The Spine Center has a new physical therapist, Dr. Rami Said. He came on board last Fall and has been a great addition to the Neurosurgery Team.

A graduate of Columbia’s Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy in 2007, Dr. Rami Said [sounds like ‘rommy sah eed’] says he jumped at the chance to work with his former professor and Spine Center therapist, Dr. Evan Johnson. “It was an easy decision. Evan is someone I revere as one of the best therapists out there.”

Rami, himself is nothing to sneeze at either. Dr. Evan Johnson says, “Rami was one of the finest students to ever graduate from Columbia University’s doctoral program in physical therapy. In addition to his academic excellence, he brings all the intangibles to enhance our department: he has an intensely strong drive and intellectual curiosity, warm personality, and a genuine compassion for others. We are delighted to bring him on board as we continue to experience growth in our practice and expand the scope of clinical research.”

Rami says he was also eager to get involved with the Physical Therapy School again. He loved the program while he was in it and now, as an adjunct faculty member here, he says he is grateful for the opportunity to give back.

Nearly six months into the job, Rami says,“I’m finding it terrific here. It has a nice balance of staying on top of the educational and research world of physical therapy as well as treating in the clinic. I love the people that I work with.”

Evan and I talk about patient cases all the time,” he says. “ Sometimes we’ll co-treat and look at a patient together. The whole medical collaboration here is amazing. I can walk down the hall and speak directly with a patient’s surgeon. Very often, you don’t get a chance to do that in a private practice setting.”

“Once a month,” he says, “We have a spine conference with doctors, fellows and therapists from Columbia’s departments of Neurosurgery, Pain Management, Anesthesiology and Physiatry. That is an amazing benefit of coming here to Columbia,” says Rami. “You don’t just have one mind looking at a patient objectively–you have ten and from all different facets of medicine. So you can really come up with the right decision for the patient.”

Welcome to one of the world’s finest neurosurgery departments Rami!

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