Mentorship and Service at AANS 2018

Apr. 30, 2018

Columbia Spine Center Neurological Surgery November 19, 2015 Photography by John Abbott 212-765-2342

Dr. Donald Quest has always believed in mentorship and service as ways to “give back” to the field of neurosurgery. The annual conference of the American Society of Neurological Surgeons has a theme that is therefore especially resonant for him this year: “The Privilege of Service.”

Service has been at the root of Dr. Quest’s time in neurosurgery. Not only is he motivated by a desire to serve his patients at the highest level of excellence, but he has dedicated himself to mentoring up-and-coming neurosurgeons. The fruit of that labor has been apparent for years: Dr. Quest was recently recognized by the Society of Neurological Surgeons as the neurosurgeon today who has influenced the most other people to choose a career in neurosurgery.

Some people might not know that although Dr. Quest has made service a touchstone of his neurosurgical career, its roots in his life go even deeper. Before he went to medical school, Dr. Quest was an active duty fighter pilot in Vietnam. That’s part of what makes service, mentorship and teamwork so fundamental–and why he has continued to promote “The Privilege of Service” as a neurosurgeon.

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