Pain Control for Kids After Neurosurgery: What Families Should Know

May. 2, 2019

Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Neil Feldstein knows patients and their families have a lot of concerns when it comes to pediatric neurosurgery. Some of those concerns are about discomfort or pain after the surgery.

Postoperative pain is something Dr. Feldstein and the doctors at Columbia Neurosurgery have been addressing for some time. And it’s not just them—the topic is getting more widespread attention these days. Recent articles in The New York Times addressed both pediatric postoperative pain and the role of opioids in managing pediatric pain.

In many hospitals these days, pediatric postsurgical pain is getting the attention it should. Dr. Feldstein and the team at Columbia Neurosurgery have a specific approach for managing postoperative pain in children that reduces the use of opioids.

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