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Dylan Rabinovich Story

Dr.AndersonNY1All this week, Dr. Richard Anderson from our Pediatric Neurosurgery Center will be popping up on the television station NY1.

He is featured on the news channel’s Health and Medicine segment about a Staten Island boy who can walk again after undergoing spine surgery that Dr. Anderson performed.

The boy, Dylan Rabinovich, suffered from a tethered spinal cord.

Normally, the spinal cord hangs freely inside a bony canal within the spine where it can move and adapt as a child grows.  Rather than hanging freely, a tethered cord is attached, usually at the bottom of the canal, and as the child grows the spinal cord can become overstretched and damaged.

For 9-year-old Dylan, this resulted in symptoms including excessive bed wetting, chronic lower back pain, and difficulty bearing weight through his legs.

Dr. Anderson performed surgery last October to cut the tissue that connected Dylan’s spinal cord to the bony canal.  It is a delicate procedure that requires an expert hand.  The NY1 story shows the results of this remarkable surgery at a follow-up appointment with Dr. Anderson.

The segment will be airing periodically throughout the week of January 5, 2015 on Time Warner Cable’s NY1.   The video shares more about Dylan’s condition, his surgeon, and the amazing surgery.

You can also watch the video here--the story begins at about the 55-minute mark.

Dr. Anderson specializes in all areas of pediatric neurosurgery including treatment of tethered spinal cords. He sees patients in multiple office locations including Manhattan, NY;  Ridgewood, NJ;  Paterson, NJ;  and Stamford, CT. You can find out more about him on his bio page here.  You can request an appointment with Dr. Anderson by calling (212) 305-0219 or going to our website and selecting “Request An Appointment” on the right side of each web page.



Posted on Jan 6, 2015 by Department Author

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