PT Evan Johnson Speaks to Physicians About Back Pain at NY Pri-Med Conference

Jul. 13, 2012

Evan Johnson, DPT, Director of Physical Therapy and Administrative Director of the Spine Center, was an invited speaker at last month’s New York Pri-Med Conference: Current Clinical Issues in Primary Care, held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

In its sixth year, this conference was presented by Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Johnson spoke on June 22, 2012 during the course’s session on Bones and Groans: Musculoskeletal Medicine for Primary Care.

More than 3000 physicians attended Dr. Johnson’s talk, Simple backache that defies simple diagnosis: clinical screening techniques for the lumbar spine, hip and pelvis.

“I focused on the 85% of our patients with low back pain in whom we can’t identify one specific source of symptoms based on imaging and other sophisticated testing,” says Dr. Johnson. “Patients often tell us more about their condition through history taking and physical examination than we can discriminate with sophisticated testing.”

Attendees were particularly interested in the use of proven evidence-based clinical examination techniques and sound clinical reasoning to guide treatment offered by Dr. Johnson.

He also spoke about regional reasons for pain and emphasized the importance of examining the entire patient. Because all the muscles and joints in the human body are ultimately connected (referred to as a kinetic chain), pain in one part of the body can be caused by dysfunction in an entirely different part of the body.

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