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Ivy Football Association Honors Neurosurgeon & Columbia Lion Dr. Paul McCormick

Feb. 18, 2019

Here at Columbia Neurosurgery, we often have the pleasure of congratulating our neurosurgeons for being honored within their profession. It’s far less often that we congratulate a Columbia neurosurgeon being honored for his work by an intercollegiate sports organization. But today we can do just that. A warm Columbia Lions congratulations to Dr. Paul McCormick, who was selected as Columbia’s 2019 honoree for the Ivy Football Association (IFA).

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We Heart our Physical Therapists: Making of a Spine Physical Therapist: Dr. Evan Johnson

Feb. 14, 2019

Sure, Dr. Evan Johnson’s background in professional dance is useful for his work as a physical therapist, in all the ways you’d assume. But it’s also useful in a more surprising way. Dr. Johnson has developed a unique career out of his ability to balance many opposites: Academic and physical. Teaching and learning. Theoretical and practical. He uses uncommon strength, suppleness and poise to make that balance look effortless—hallmarks, of course, of a great dancer.

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The Tried-and-True Plus the Exciting-and-New: Treating Pediatric Scoliosis

Feb. 1, 2019

Kids are not simply small adults. If an adult used dental floss and dog leashes to connect all the cabinets in the kitchen, then sat on the floor and earnestly described his dog becoming both a grandma and a rock star, you would recognize the behavior as unusual. But when a kid does it? Par for the course. That’s because kid brains are different from adult brains. Similarly, kid bodies are different from adult bodies. These physical differences are important … Continue reading The Tried-and-True Plus the Exciting-and-New: Treating Pediatric Scoliosis

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Spine Surgeons Earn Patients’ Choice Award—Again

Jan. 4, 2019

They’ve done it again: A number of our spine surgeons have once more earned the Patients’ Choice Award. Vitals, an independent firm that collects information on doctors and evaluates millions of patient ratings, grants this award only to doctors who receive top ratings and reviews from their patients. Receipt of these awards reflects the excellent care our neurosurgeons provide and is quite an achievement, as only 7 percent of doctors in the United States were deemed eligible for the awards … Continue reading Spine Surgeons Earn Patients’ Choice Award—Again

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