Spine Surgeons Earn Patients’ Choice Award—Again

Jan. 4, 2019

Patient shaking hands with her doctor while smiling.

They’ve done it again: A number of our spine surgeons have once more earned the Patients’ Choice Award. Vitals, an independent firm that collects information on doctors and evaluates millions of patient ratings, grants this award only to doctors who receive top ratings and reviews from their patients.

Receipt of these awards reflects the excellent care our neurosurgeons provide and is quite an achievement, as only 7 percent of doctors in the United States were deemed eligible for the awards in 2018.

Patients’ Choice Award Winners

Five neurosurgeons from The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York received the Patients’ Choice Award. These same neurosurgeons were also recognized for their short wait times with the On-Time Doctor Award.

The accolades don’t stop there. Dr. McCormick, Dr. Angevine, Dr. Kaiser and Dr. Mandigo received high bedside manner and overall scores, earning each the Compassionate Doctor Recognition.

In addition, Dr. Mandigo has consistently received near-perfect ratings and reviews from his patients for five consecutive years, earning him the Patients’ Choice 5th Anniversary Award. This is a particularly prestigious distinction, as only 1 percent of all doctors in the United States earn this honor each year. He has also been among the highest scoring doctors in bedside manner for five straight years, earning him the Compassionate Doctor Award – 5 Year Honoree. Only a few doctors in the United States receive this honor each year.

Hear From the Patients Themselves

We have many stories from patients who have been more than pleased with the excellent care they received from our neurosurgeons. You can find those stories here, or just read a few of them below:

For Dr. McCormick’s Patient, Dumbbell Tumor Doesn’t Stop Wedding Bells

In the weeks leading up to their wedding, Craig and his fiancée received devastating news: Craig had an extremely rare tumor in his spine called a dumbbell tumor.

The tumor was likely not cancerous, so that was a relief, but it did need to be surgically removed. And because the tumor type was so rare, most of the spinal surgeons they consulted had seen only one case, or none at all. On top of that, the surgery would be complex and require the surgeon to operate near the delicate spinal cord. The surgeon would also need to remove a nerve tumor without damaging the nerve.

Finding a surgeon who could deliver seemed impossible—until Craig and his fiancée met Dr. Paul McCormick, Director of the Spine Hospital. Dr. McCormick is an expert in the treatment of dumbbell tumors, so much so that he instructs other surgeons in how to remove them.

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Dr. Michael Kaiser Sees Past the Obvious & Millie Gets Her Life Back

Millie was ready to give up. Decades earlier, when she was in her 20s, she had been diagnosed with a rare malformation of her spine called a tethered cord. She also had congenital scoliosis, a cyst inside her spinal cord and a tumor on the outside of her spinal cord.

She’d had several surgeries over the years, but as she aged, new symptoms had begun to appear, like back pain and weakness in her left leg. The symptoms grew worse, causing her to lose her footing often and even fall a few times. Her doctors told her there was nothing more they could do.

Thanks to some encouragement from her brother-in-law, she decided to look for a new doctor online. That’s where she found neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Kaiser, and to her surprise, he said her back pain wasn’t caused by one of her known spinal conditions. The true culprit was something else, and Dr. Kaiser had found it.

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For Chiari Surgery, Jack’s Family Traveled to Find Their “Home Team”

Twelve-year-old Jack was tired a lot and having headaches. Headaches that seemed to be getting worse. He had recently injured his shoulder playing hockey, and his pediatrician suspected he had suffered a concussion too. A CT scan was ordered, but it showed no signs of a concussion. It did, however, reveal something else.

Jack had a congenital condition called a Chiari I malformation, in which the base of his skull and upper spine did not develop properly. The condition had also resulted in a syringomyelia, a condition in which a pocket of fluid becomes trapped inside the spinal cord.

Jack needed a pediatric neurosurgeon to repair the malformation, and his parents were adamant that no ordinary surgeon would do. They wanted a seasoned surgeon who was comfortable with the procedure. Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Anderson, who has conducted research on Chiari and performed the procedure on many patients, was just the expert Jack needed.

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Our patients aren’t the only ones who speak highly of our neurosurgeons. Fellow doctors also notice the compassion and skill our neurosurgeons exhibit and, when given the opportunity, nominate them for high honors. Here are two recent examples: Top Doctor and best in New York.

Patients are at the center of everything we do here at the Spine Hospital, and knowing that patients choose our surgeons could not please us more. Congratulations to all our doctors for being the patients’ choice!

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