Summer 2018 Highlights From The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York

Sep. 21, 2018

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We were busy bees this summer. Between raising awareness about scoliosis on Facebook Live and helping patient Jack return to the hockey rink, there wasn’t a dull moment for our neurosurgeons at The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York. We hope you enjoy our highlights from the season:

1. Chiari Malformation Benched This Young Hockey Player—But Not for Long

Twelve-year-old hockey enthusiast Jack Cacace was tired a lot and having headaches. He had recently injured his shoulder playing hockey, but his symptoms didn’t sound like those of a shoulder injury. Perhaps he had suffered a concussion too, his pediatrician reasoned. Though a CT scan of Jack’s brain revealed no signs of a concussion, it did show the true problem.

Jack had Chiari I malformation, a congenital condition in which the base of the skull and the upper spinal area are not formed properly. The malformation had also caused a pocket of fluid to become trapped inside his spinal cord, a condition called syringomyelia.

To treat Chiari I malformation, Jack needed a pediatric neurosurgeon, but not just any pediatric neurosurgeon. “We wanted to go to a surgeon who was very seasoned and very comfortable with the procedure,” says Jack’s mom. It became clear to Jack’s parents that Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson, who has done research on Chiari and performed the procedure on many patients, fit the bill.

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2. Drs. Anderson and Angevine Take to Facebook LIVE to Talk Scoliosis

In honor of Scoliosis Awareness Month, in June two of our neurosurgeons took to Facebook Live to educate patients about the spinal disorder scoliosis.

Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Richard C.E. Anderson discussed scoliosis in children. (You can watch a video of his event here.) He also answered questions he commonly hears, such as whether children with scoliosis can still play spots.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Angevine discussed scoliosis in adults. (You can watch a video of his event here.) He explained the many different ways scoliosis can manifest in adults and the many different aspects a neurosurgeon must consider when providing care.

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3. Seeing the Whole Picture: Dr. Johnson and NP Kostadinov on Better Patient Care Through Teamwork

Teamwork is at the heart of every patient’s care plan at the Spine Hospital. We know that truly exceptional care means not only providing the latest treatments but also providing them in a way that seamlessly integrates all our healthcare providers, while keeping the patient at the center.

That’s why Director of Physical Therapy Evan Johnson, PT, DPT and nurse practitioner Jane Kostadinov, NP, CNRN focused on the value of teamwork in preventing opioid abuse among patients with low back pain at Columbia’s Interprofessional Practice and Education (IPE) Day.

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4. Neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Angevine Now Serving Patients Full Time at the Och Spine Hospital

The Daniel and Jane Och Spine Hospital at NewYork-Presbyterian has been on a mission to become a global leader in spine care since its inception three years ago. Part of fulfilling that mission means hiring a premier team of neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons. We are pleased to announce that our neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Angevine has joined their team full time.

“It’s another step closer to our goal of truly comprehensive, integrated spine care at one exceptional, state-of-the-art institution,” says Dr. Angevine about the transition. Dr. Angevine helps fulfill the Och Spine Hospital’s mission of being a global leader in spine care with his deep expertise in not only neurosurgery but also orthopedics. He is one of the rare neurosurgeons in the world to have completed a spine fellowship in orthopedics.

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5. Let’s Celebrate: All Spine Hospital Neurosurgeons Named Castle Connolly ‘Top Doctor’

Published every year, Top Doctor guidebooks feature an elite list of physicians who provide outstanding care. And every year, several of our neurosurgeons earn the prestigious “Top Doctor” designation. This year, however, is cause for true celebration, because our entire team of neurosurgeons at the Spine Hospital were named Top Doctor for the exceptional care they provide.

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Dr. Feldstein

Learn more about Director of Physical Therapy Dr. Evan Johnson on his bio page here.

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