Welcome to Dr. Alex Tuchman

Oct. 24, 2017

Dr. Alexander TuchmanA rousing welcome to our newest neurosurgeon Dr. Alexander Tuchman!

A spinal neurosurgeon by background, Dr. Tuchman has also trained in orthopedic approaches to spine surgery. This means Dr. Tuchman has a combined expertise in both the neurosurgical aspects of the spine (the spinal cord and the spinal nerve roots) and the orthopedic aspects (the bones and joints).

Dr. Tuchman brings this combined base of knowledge to his treatment of spinal tumors and disorders of the cervical spine (the spine in the neck). He also treats complex spinal deformities in both adults and children. In the operating room, he employs both traditional and minimally invasive surgical approaches.

Dr. Tuchman’s interest in all aspects of spine surgery has led him to do research, perform literature reviews and write book chapters. All told, he has authored more than 50 publications to date.

Subjects include acromegaly, anterocollis, and allograft vs. autograft (and that’s just the As). He has been recognized for excellence on neurosurgical board exams as well as excellence in clinical practice. In other words: He’s outstanding on paper and in practice.

We are confident about one more outstanding combination: Dr. Tuchman and Columbia Neurosurgery. We look forward to bringing world-class care to our patients together.

Learn more about Dr. Tuchman at his bio page here.

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