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The Spine Hospital at The Neurological Institute of New York is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients suffering from disorders of the spine and spinal cord. Our team of clinical professionals responds to individual patient needs by providing innovative non-operative & operative treatments.

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Telehealth Appointments

May. 6, 2020

image of woman videochatting with doctorColumbia Spine offers appointments via video or phone call for current and new patients. Video visits and phone calls allow patients to connect in real time with one of our neurosurgeons without leaving their home. Patients can use a smartphone or tablet. All virtual connections are secure and HIPAA compliant.

Please keep in mind that just as with in-person visits, video and phone consultations may require imaging prior to scheduling an appointment. Please call your doctor’s office for additional instructions on sharing imaging and to set up a telehealth visit.

Scheduling a Telehealth Appointment

New and current patients with a MyChart account have the option to participate in a video appointment with one of our neurosurgeons. A step-by-step guideline on how to setup and access MyChart app can be found on ColumbiaDoctors Virtual Visit Information page.

To request a video or phone call appointment, please submit a request an appointment form online.

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Below is a list of all providers at Columbia Spine, with contact information.

Spine Specialists:

Pediatric Specialist:

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COVID-19 Information For Our Patients

Mar. 20, 2020


Get Excited: Spine Surgeons Are Named ‘Top Doctors’ for 2019

Jul. 3, 2019


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Dr. McCormick Helps a Young Diver Get Back to His Sport

Nov. 22, 2018

California to New York: It’s a distance of about 3,000 miles. In May of 2016, high school sophomore Jake Greenberg and his parents made the round trip twice.

Jake’s symptoms had started in January, months before the family’s trips to New York City. The 16-year-old started experiencing back pain and swelling. As a diver who competed at regional and national levels, Jake first thought he had “tweaked” his back while training or diving. Then he began experiencing leg cramps. Soon, his hands were shaking—was this anxiety, or part of a set of neurological symptoms?

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Three Surgeries, One Happy Family

Oct. 11, 2018


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Sep. 19, 2018

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