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COVID-19 Information For Our Patients

Mar. 20, 2020

The health of our patients is our top priority. As we continue to monitor the evolving situation surrounding the spread of the COVID-19, we’d like to share some updates with you.

  • Patients with appointments scheduled should call the office immediately for appointment updates. Please see the list of doctors for contact information.
  • Video visits are available for new and existing patients. Patient must be enrolled in the NYP/CUIMC “MyConnect” account. Please see the Telehealth Visit Guidelines. If you have any questions, please reach out to your doctor’s office.
  • In-person visits will continue to be available for patients in need of urgent care.

Our staff is here to help you. Please call us at 212-305-9625 for any questions.

Here are some resources available for you to stay informed on the coronavirus (COVID-19):

Update from Dr. McCormick’s office:

Dr. McCormick’s office will remain open for new and existing patients during this challenging time of the Coronavirus pandemic. The office will be open during regular hours for existing patients to address any questions, concerns or to make a follow-up appointment. Jackie Soler, Jane Kostadinov NP, CNRN and other members of our Spine team remain available by phone at 212-305-7976 to address our patients’ needs.

New patient appointments will continue to be scheduled through direct phone calls to our office at 212-305-7976. Recent MRI or CT scan imaging results must be forwarded to the office for Dr. McCormick’s review prior to the scheduling of an appointment. Imaging reports may be faxed to 212-342-6850 or emailed to in a PDF, Word, or picture format. It’s also important to include your name, contact information, and insurance coverage. A brief summary of your symptoms would also be useful.

Off-site telemedicine visits are available for all new and existing patients. Patients must create an online account to be able to participate in telemedicine visits from home. Information on how to create an account can be found at  Please see the PDF instruction sheet. In addition, all relevant imaging CDs must be reviewed by Dr. McCormick prior to any telemedicine visit. The CDs may be delivered by mail or overnight delivery or, in the next few days, be directly loaded through secure online servers. We will post instructions for online uploading of imaging CDs through our Ambra site as soon as possible. Additional information may be obtained from our office.

While elective surgery has been suspended at all NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals, urgent and emergent conditions will be prioritized and eligible for immediate treatment. If you consider that you have an urgent or emergent condition please communicate directly with our office at 212-305-7976 for further instructions.

Thank you for your appreciation during this rapidly evolving crisis.

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