Dr. Feldstein Talks Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery

Jun. 25, 2019

Epilepsy surgery can represent a last hope for patients, families and doctors who have been otherwise unable to control a patient’s repeated seizures. At the same time, the idea of brain surgery can be scary, and the options for epilepsy surgery confusing.

Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery Dr. Neil Feldstein helps patients and their families understand the full picture—the option or options best suited for their particular case, and the risks and benefits of each option. And as part of the top-notch epilepsy treatment team at Columbia University Irving Medical Center/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian, Dr. Feldstein has the tools—and the experience—to help make these surgeries safer and more effective.

But patients and families aren’t the only ones who need to know about the latest in epilepsy treatment. Other doctors do, too. So Dr. Feldstein also makes it his business to give other doctors the full, up-to-date picture in what can be a rapidly changing technological landscape. Dr. Feldstein recently attended a pediatrics conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he spoke to pediatricians and specialists from around the world about some of the recent advances in epilepsy surgery that are changing its application in the United States.

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