Dr. Peter Angevine Awarded Active Membership in Prestigious Spine Society

Oct. 26, 2012

Dr. Peter Angevine from the Spine Center has been accepted as an Active Fellow into the prestigious Scoliosis Research Society.

This international Society has strict admission guidelines including a five-year candidate period, during which, Candidate Fellows must make a significant contribution to the science or treatment of spinal deformities. Only Active Fellows may vote and hold elected offices within the Society.

As a neurosurgeon at the Spine Center, Dr. Angevine specializes in the evaluation and treatment of pediatric and adult spinal deformities.

He is unique among neurosurgeons in that after completing his neurosurgical residency he completed a fellowship in Orthopedic spine surgery. This advanced and diverse training reflects his belief that a surgeon with the most comprehensive training is best able to treat spinal disorders effectively.

Congratulations Dr. Angevine on your well deserved Active Fellowship with the Scoliosis Research Society!
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